Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gurgaon: An Exact Place for Corporate World

After Holding my job from a realestate company i chose to decided to wrtite some posts on gurgaon because after spenting so much time in gurgaon commercial culture i have some information & knowledge to share i thinks its help someone someday.
these days gurgaon is a major hub of many world class companies if i say that if you find the whole corporate world in one place you can say gurgaon. Dlf, Vatika, Unitech are the major player of this hub.. if i say that these are not the player they are the mother to build gurgaon that nothing is wrong in this phase. DLF now is very big fish in this pound (from building gurgaon to building india) they have a largest land bank in gurgaon & some of the parts of haryana as well. Dlf is very known for thier prime & best highrise buildings in cyber city like infinity tower, buiding no-5, buiding no-6, building no-8, building no- 9, building no- 10 etc. most of the world's well known & fortune 500 companies sits only in cyber city just because of surrounding, world class ambiance, & connectivity because cybercity is very near by to airport(approx distance is 14 km, which will cover in 23mins) & delhi (25 km) as well. Leela Kempinsiki is the nearby 5 star luxury hotel from cyber city. 15 years ago no one knows that cybercity is the most prominent place for offices in the whole country. but know cybercity is the heart of gurgaon & gurgaon is a heart of country for offices & corporate culture. Apart from this connectivity issues & security issues in gurgaon is a major concern for everyone's life who is working there- major bpo & kpo's provides transport facilities to thier employees through cab & buses. but some companies not provides any kind of such facilities those who are working in these kinds of companies own vehicle is necessity because public transport is not much effective in this area. just to see these transport issue major players like dlf, unitech etc starts countries first privately as well as state govt. owned rapid metro project which connects all the major building to main DMRC metro station & bus stations.

Gurgaon Toll Tax:
People who lives in delhi & working office in gurgaon knows the headache of long quene of gurgaon toll barrier in morning & evening as well, high tax rise in toll is also a major concern of this headche for people. for avoiding long queine & toll tax people chooses kapashera highway & Mehrauli Gurgaon as thier route but mehrauli gurgaon road is so much congested in evening & kapashera highway is not so good for driving just because of construction is going in these days.

Major Highrise Buildings for offices In Gurgaon

On highway (NH-8) the major buildings for office are Dlf Square, Unitech signature tower, Bptp Park Centra, MVL ipark.

On Mehrauli Gurgaon Road the major buildings for offices are- Global business park, Dlf Corporate Park, Abw Tower, Delta Square, Vipul Agora, Jmd Regent Square, Vatika first india place, vatika city point, Sewa Corporate Park & Time Tower.

On Golf Course Road the major buildings for offices are- Global Foyer, Golf View, Aipl Masterpiece, suncity business tower, Paras Downtown, Paras Twin Towers, Centrium Plaza, Orchid Centre, Vatika Atrium, Augusta Point, Dlf Centre Park, Octus Technopolis, Vatika Towers, Vipul Plaza.

On Sohna Road the major buildings for offices are- Spaze Edge, Universal Trade Tower, Vatika Business Park, Iris & welldone Tehcpark.

if you want any information /consultation regarding office spaces on the above places feel free to contact on my personal email address - towaseem at

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zenni Optical

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How to Avoid a Foreclosure with a Countrywide VA Loan

VA mortgage loans are home loans that are government insured and guaranteed by the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs). They are there to help qualifying active-duty service members, reservists and Veterans that wish to purchase a home. Although the financing comes from banks, the borrowing terms are more flexible, including lower interest rates and down payments. Unfortunately, even with this help many Veterans discover they can't make the mortgage payment, resulting to the home going into foreclosure. With help, they can often learn how to avoid foreclosure. Countrywide VA loans are issued through Countrywide Banks. Countrywide is used by many Veterans, as they are one of the top lenders for VA loans.

Although the financing comes from Countrywide (or some other lender), the VA guarantees the loan, stating that if they will cover the mortgage loan if the Veteran cannot. Many benefits are there to help Veterans when they obtain their VA financing through Countrywide, including how to avoid foreclosure. Countrywide, VA and the Veteran all work together to avoid a foreclosure, if possible. Many VA loans today are in foreclosure. Often all the borrower needs is a little help in how to avoid foreclosure. Countrywide VA loans are often provided with special features not available in traditional mortgage loans.No down payments are required on some VA loans with the qualified Veteran being able to borrow up to $417,000. The debt to income ratio and income guidelines is much more flexible and less strict with VA loans than with traditional mortgages. Because the Department of Veterans Affairs is insuring or guaranteeing the loan, the requirement for mortgage insurance if eliminated. Veterans also have their choice of an adjustable or fixed rate loan. In spite of these flexible guidelines, Veterans must still meet the eligibility requirements of the VA.

The law requires that VA home loans can only be obtained for certain reasons. One reason is to build or buy a home that will be owned and lived in by the Veteran. Another reason is to refinance a current VA loan for the purpose of lower interest rate or to refinance a current mortgage that is owned by a Veteran. The VA loan can be for residential property of up to four family units.

With the foreclosure rate as high as it is today, many are concerned with how to avoid foreclosure. Country VA lenders are always available with helpful suggestions. When asked how to avoid foreclosure, Countrywide VA lenders will suggest contacting them at the first sign of financial difficulties. When the financial difficulties are in the early stages, Countrywide lenders can often come up with different mortgage terms to help the Veteran. However, once the borrower becomes too far behind in the payments, they sometimes cannot be helped.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Investment in Home or Stock! First analyze your financial advisor!

He/she maybe an agent in disguise for the real gamblers - builders, owners, brokers, Stock/MF traders, bankers, manipulators of Dalal Street or Wall Street, etc. Keep aside the financial jargons; stock investments are no more than a "glorified version of traditional gambling". Chances are, when you think about investing in real estate or stock the first thing that comes to mind is to ask an investment expert or realty professionals, overriding your OWN common sense. Look at the housing market as a critic and just Calculate Cash Flow Return (Rental Income) and Future ROI (housing sale profit).

Also keep watching the BSE Realty Index and other similar trends. Reading the recent global market crashes and considering how manipulative the markets are, in general, the long-term success is not so rosy anymore for small investors… Many will surely take it otherwise, but that cannot change the ground realities, can it? Refer the early warning stories!

Taking clues from today's proliferated media to make important decisions can be a disaster, be logical. They are notorious for changing opinions as quick as the status of markets. Forget what the Kotaks, Investment Magazines, Experts, MagicBricks, NDTVs, 99Acres, Bankers, CNBCs, 2letservices, Consultants, RealEstateTimes, Yahoos, Googles,..etc are suggesting, look at the local market conditions! Yes, there are no monarchies in today's digital world, but the basics of what Canakya or Kautilya said in Arthasastra (read finance) cannot be mutated by few opportunists forever. Why will the market grow in your favor? Find an answer before jumping-in!

Historical returns are of little value in formulating return expectations, standard deviations and correlations: When past performance of stocks/bond or housing investments are used as inputs, the outputs of the analysis are portfolios which performed particularly well in the past. When beliefs of investment experts are used as inputs, we get the output as better or worse portfolios. Good and reliable advisory add value by constantly evaluating the investment planning implications of alternative economic scenarios, investment solutions and lifestyle choices, managing costs, and counseling a margin of safety in saving and investing your money. Anything less is bad practice, fire him/her!

For many people, their home is the single largest investment they will ever make. But have you ever stopped to consider that once you purchase a home it becomes part of your overall portfolio of investments. It is one of the most important decision as it can serve a dual role of an investment and your daily life passion. Though a home is one of the largest investments the average investor will purchase, there are other types of real estate investments worth investing in. The most common type is income-producing real estate. Large income-producing real estate properties are commonly purchased by high net-worth individuals and institutions, such as life insurance companies, real estate investment trusts and pension funds.

Income-producing properties are also purchased by individual investors in the form of smaller apartment buildings, duplexes or even a single family homes or condominiums that are rented out to tenants. Real estate is considered an alternative investment class compared to more speculative driven items like equity or bonds! Major difference is that real estate is an investment in the "bricks and mortar" of a building and the land. So it is tangible, because unlike most stocks you can see and touch your house, try it! This often creates substantial pride of ownership, but tangibility also has its downside because real estate requires hands-on management. You don't need to mow the lawn of a bond or unplug the toilet of your equity papers!

Some benefits of realty investments are diversification value, yield enhancement, inflation hedging, ability to influence performance, etc. An investor can do many things to a home to increase its value or improve its performance e.g. replacing the leaky roof, improving the exterior and re-tenanting the building with higher quality tenants. An investor has a greater degree of control over the performance of a real estate investment than equity investments, which are proved to be highly speculative-driven for the benefit of smart manipulators.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Property Search

If you are looking for dream home but you don’t have the time to go to field for it so check the great website of property today where you are been able to do property search as well as search homes online from the comfort of your home. Even this site not only for search for property but you also calculate your mortgage, appoints real estate agents, solicitor etc for every stage as well as frequent process of your property. There site also gives the useful information about the nearest schools, hospitals, restaurants etc from your new home so check their useful website if you want an ideal home of your dream without of any hassle.

Sell Your House Quickly by Staging

No one can argue that deciding to sell your home is a heart wrenching decision. Unless you are amongst the few that like jumping from place to place, odds are you have spent quite a bit of time turning your house into your "home". Your precious weekends have been used painting each room, mulling through furniture showrooms, and creating a place on this planet that is all about you and your family. Now the time has come to leave. But the misconception that you face is that merely putting a for sale sign in the yard will sell the property. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In today's fallen housing market, the amount of time a property sits on the market can be a death sentence. The longer you wait for buyers creates an opportunity to offer a lower price. The way to get your home noticed fast and sold even faster is to market your home to the buyer. This redecorating for the means of selling is called staging. This secret amongst the real estate world has helped endless property flippers move their inventory even in the worst of housing markets.

If you have never heard of staging, you are probably wondering how this can help me. Staging changes the way your look at your home. The moment you decide to sell your property, the way you see your home should change to that of a buyer. Before hiring an agent and sticking a sign in the yard, there is alot of work to be done. From neutralizing the paint to depersonalizing the decor, things must change in your home to get the greatest return. Staging has be known to bring in offers above the asking price after the seller received multiple offers. Now there is no guarantee, but it is in your best interest to keep your options open.

I myself have used staging to give me huge returns. My first home was a condo that I was selling instead of keeping as a rental property. I learned how to stage the property after hearing about it from a friend that was flipping properties with great success. I had made the decision to sell the condo myself so I could save money, but there were alot of condos for sale in my development. I took about 6 weeks painting and repairing the little things I had ignored for years. Rented a storage unit and moved alot of my things out to make the space appear larger. I put a for sale sign in the window and was on my way. Two weeks later I was under contract and the buyer wanted to close as soon as possible so he could get renters in by year end. I thought this was just a rare case, but I was wrong. I have used these same steps for assisting friends and family to sell homes with great success.

My last testiment to staging was just last year (2007). I was moving out of state and started the steps to stage my home in January so I could get it on the market once it was Spring. My next door neighbors were trying to sell, too. They listed their home prior to mine so they could get a head start on the market and hoping to edge me out of a sale. The homes were similar in size and details, but the big difference was they just hired an agent and put the sign in the yard. Mine was listed in March, under contract beginning of April and closed in May. Their home is still on the market right now and they have lowered their price 4 times!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Window Blinds for your home

Some days before i shifted to my new house and this experience is really exciting for me and my family but we all of the family members remains setting our home, and I know this is the most difficult moment to provide a great look to the home today I concentrated on window blinds and I m really very confused for which color is best suited with my rooms walls in the blinds.. so me and my brother decided to take a tour to nearer market for window blinds and unfortunately we don’t find good blinds there after that I decided to search for window blinds on the internet with budgeted price tag and luckily I find a great website on blinds called where anyone can finds lots of window blinds over their one of the great thing I find on this site they are of the leading window covering dealers on the internet and they are authorized dealers of various bid brands from Hunter Douglas to comfortex etc. on their site you can find the discounted price which you never see any other. On this site you also finds other window solutions like window shades, shutters, measure right etc.. so today my problem is solved and I choose wood blinds for my room and they are really very amazing so don’t forget to see this when visit the site.